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How I may help you.

As a Stage IV cancer survivor, a charity CEO, patient advocate, and comedy lover, people reach out for many different reasons. I never looked at my cancer as “why me?” but rather what was I supposed to learn, solve, or create by listening and turning my energies outward towards others in the cancer community to create a legacy of strength, joy, and humor. I build communities, solve healthcare problems, incite research, start conversations, share my comic perspective, and give people strength to seize one more day.

Cancer patient care

Are You a Patient?

I would be honored to help you on your medical journey and share some laughter too.

As an early-stage IV cancer patient and survivor, I have experienced the emotional and physical impact of a difficult diagnosis and many treatments. I have learned a lot and a comic perspective can help. 

Whether you are a cancer patient embarking on this journey or a survivor designing your life after treatment, I welcome the opportunity to connect with you through my live and virtual programs, tips, humor, and postings. This is a fun and safe place to share our perspective, humor, some tears (at times) and many triumphs.


Are You a Caregiver?

I'd love to share some comedy and helpful strategies with you.

I've been the caregiver and the patient, and honestly, I think the caregiver role can be more challenging! I work extensively with caregivers on strategies not only to recharge their own batteries but how to use a comic perspective in their care of a loved one. It's a great tool for self-care, improving cooperation, and for making caregiving more fun.


Teaching and Having Fun with Nurses

Hospital Event, Long Island, NY

Are You a Healthcare Professional?

I’d love to give you a comedy break and share strategies for developing your comic perspective.

The focus of my research and interactive teachings is how a comedic perspective, laughter, hope and play can inspire, motivate, and shift health outcomes. These strategies can help you manage your stress, prevent burnout, and create stronger connections.

I have been honored to share these strategies with some of the most dedicated physicians, nurses, researchers, healthcare professionals and wellness thought leaders at The NIH/NCI, World Health Organization, United Nations, Harvard, Stanford and more.

Health Care Professionals

Are You Interested in Partnering?

Let's create unique, joy-filled, interactive programming that promotes wellness and produces better health outcomes.

I develop fun, dynamic programming with collaborating organizations, both live and virtual, that brings joy, hope, laughter and meaningful content to patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and frontline workers. We can also discuss your hosting and speaker needs.


As an entertainment industry producer and the Founder of The ComedyCures Foundation, I have developed many award-winning programs and events.  Many of these programs have sponsorship opportunities and can be customized to serve diverse audiences and achieve a multitude of objectives.

Read about them in my bio.


Are You With The Media?

I am happy to do an interview, host an event or take on a correspondent’s role.

I’m experienced at being on either side of the interview, having hosted many live and digitally- broadcasted events, shows, conferences, programs, and workshops.


Topics I’m most often asked to discuss include survivorship, patient advocacy, patient experience, medical adherence, health technology, underserved, family, community outreach, human rights, wellness, mind-body, Tibetan Medicine, caregiving, philanthropy, innovative education, non-profit, team building,  big ideas, masterminds, entertainment and comedy.

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