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At Camp Quality with children living with cancer.

About ComedyCures®


I founded in 1999 from my chemo chair. Our award-winning, non-profit organization has impacted over one million people of all ages with the help of the world's funniest comedians through digital and live programming.

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Watch the

JokeFest®: The Funniest Game Show

Saranne hosts this fun, live, online experience with two comedy families.

17,000 households played!

Saranne hosting ComedyCures
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Saranne has created, hosted, produced, and collaborated on over 1800 live and digital programs with hundreds of performers.

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Call the ComedyCures Laughline®

Call our free ComedyCures LaughLine  24/7 to hear or tell a joke.

1-888-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha  (1-888-424-2424)

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